Brand Concept

Ten years ago, GENZONers started their business with an entrepreneurial dream, following the concept of “Tracing to the Origin”. They maintained a strong mind and powerful leadership of keeping pace with the times in different stages of development. They pursued the highest ideology of “human-oriented” through continuous revolutions and constant innovations. They eventually finalized the value of GENZON brand, which is to create a remarkable value-based ecosphere. This unique ecosphere contains five core values, which are leadership-driven, endeavor to be perfect, keep innovating and value-based. It keeps improving and refreshing itself according to the development of the times.

Brand Positioning:Create a remarkable value-based ecosphere

GENZON has been dedicated to digging up its values, which is not only the reason of its past success, but is also the major pursuit of its future development. In the phase of Chinese transformation and reform, GENZON will continue to target its clients and explore market needs. It will be committed to integrating resources from home and abroad as well as to promote interactions between industries, resulting in constructing and rebuilding its remarkable value-based ecosphere perpetually.

Brand Core ValuesLeadership-driven, Endeavor to be Perfect, Keep Innovating, Value-Based



Leadership-driven:refers to pursuing a leading position in all kinds of industries.

Endeavor to be perfect:means that GENZONers hold high self-requirements and responsibility for the company,staff,

shareholders and society and work hard to create more values

for its clients from various angles and dimensions.

Keep innovating:indicates that GENZON maintains an open attitude and mind. It will keep creating new values via deep exploration and brave innovations.

Value-based:GENZON insists a value-based guidance in

its management and operations. While respecting market

rules and contract spirit, we pursue maximizing clients’ interests.


Brand Logo Elaboration:

The artistic combination of “G” and “中” connects the beautiful flower with a flying phoenix to express a good will for the future, which suggests that pursuing happiness is the final goal of the company and its people.

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